Hidden / Seen

Can you write your hidden truth on a t-shirt and expose it to be seen by another?  It’s something you know.  It’s close to your skin.  And you cover it with the exterior you present to the world.

This is a chance for you to own what might be very real to you but no-one knows this truth of you. Own it and out it. 

This is art to me.

I want to share these images as far and wide as possible.  I want to encourage people not to hide such important parts of themselves so well.

Front: I’m a seriously great artist
Back: I can’t do ugly

I tuck away  my messes

I’ve buried my fucking anger

Inside the koan clear mind
gashes the great darkness

I've had that feeling before and talking with Jazzwall this afternoon felt like that. It's as if someone had unzipped the flap of a dark tent I was huddled underneath, letting in a crack of blue morning sky I didn't know existed above me.

Spoon me